Relieve Anxiety, Release Trauma and Move Toward Embodied Healing

Trauma and stress is not just in your mind, it is stored in your body. Get one-on-one somatic support to begin releasing trauma, regulating your nervous system and initiating healing.

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Are you interested in learning somatic practices to release trauma and tap into your body’s innate healing wisdom? You deserve to thrive and it is my greatest honor and privilege to support you on your healing path.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Do you struggle with panic attacks that affect your ability to feel safe, present and connected to yourself, life and those around you?
  • Do you have uncomfortable physical sensations, pain, or tension in your body?
  • Do you struggle with feeling numb, frozen, disconnected or dissociated from your body?
  • Do you feel stuck in a trauma loop, cycling through patterns, behaviors, emotions, sensations or unwanted thoughts that feel overwhelming and leave you "wired and tired" all the time?

I understand because I've been there too...

Aloha, I'm Liz.  

Somatic Coach, Yoga Teacher, TRE¬ģ Provider, Safe & Sound Protocol Provider and Founder of the Primal Alchemy Method.¬†

For much of my life, I felt stuck physically and emotionally trapped in a trauma loop that left me anxious, overwhelmed, depleted and numb. Our of necessity, I learned about trauma's neurobiological impact on the body and mind and discovered somatic practices that allowed me to heal, prosper and thrive. I was able to break free from crippling anxiety, completely reverse a panic disorder diagnosis, and take back control of my life. 

Today, I help people reclaim their mind-body health and alchemize trauma into resilience and healing using the Primal Alchemy Method.

I use a combination of somatic practices, including trauma-informed yoga, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE¬ģ), the Safe & Sound Protocol, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and the science of behavior change to support people in taking meaningful action toward their wellbeing and healing.¬†

Imagine if you could...

  • Learn mind-body tools to help you relieve anxiety and panic attacks naturally.
  • Release deep muscular patterns of tension, stress, and trauma from your body using simple and powerful somatic techniques that address the places where trauma gets stuck and stored. 
  • Learn practical tools to regulate and befriend your nervous system.
  • Create an embodied sense of safety, connection and resilience.
  • Gain tools to help you sleep more soundly and have more energy.
  • Take meaningful action toward your wellbeing and healing by learning a research-backed method of behavior change called Tiny Habits.


My Coaching Method

My coaching is based on the fundamental principle that the mind and body are inextricably linked. Stress, anxiety, and trauma are not just “in your head” – they are stored in your body. I empower you with tangible tools to physically release tension, stress, anxiety, and trauma, so you can chart a path forward toward safety, connection and healing. We work to help relieve your symptoms by addressing the root cause in a compassionate space. These are the three main pillars of my coaching method...

Somatic Work


Somatic work emphasizes the experience of the physical body and taps into the body’s innate ability to release tension, stress, anxiety and trauma. I use a variety of somatic tools including TRE® Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises, trauma-informed yoga, primal movement patterns, and other somatic techniques to help re-tune the nervous system, restore vagal function, and support physical and emotional release and reconnection.



I work with clients to develop mindfulness practices to help radically reduce stress, improve focus and clarity, build emotional regulation and resilience, and support a state of flow and connection, so you can engage more fully in life. Mindfulness tools include breath awareness, learning how to track nervous system states, and meditation techniques to help rewire your brain and support you in feeling grounded, present, and adaptable.

Behavior Change


I support my clients in taking meaningful action toward their wellbeing and healing by teaching a research-backed method of behavior change called Tiny Habits. Created by Stanford behavior scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits is a life-changing method of behavior transformation that empowers people to easily create new habits without relying on high motivation or willpower. It is a titrated approach that helps clients feel successful.

Coaching Toolbox

In a one-on-one coaching session, we may use a combination of one or more of the tools and practices below to support your nervous system's ability to find safety and learn self-regulation. 

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All sessions take place via Zoom and you will be sent a web-conferencing link for your initial session upon booking. 

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Per Session

  • One 60-minute Coaching Session with Liz
  • Access to a Somatic Resource Video Library
  • Post-session email recap & notes

5-Session Package


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  • Five 60-minute Coaching Sessions with Liz (billed as a one-time payment)
  • Access to a Somatic Resource Video Library
  • Email support between sessions
  • Save $35/session for a total discount of $175 over 5 sessions.

10-Session Package


Per Session

  • Ten 60-minute Coaching Sessions (billed as a one-time payment)
  • Access to a Somatic Resource Video Library
  • Email support between sessions
  • Save $50/session for a total discount of $500 over 10 sessions.

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