challenge poses: master inversions & arm balances video course


Learn how to master inversions and arm balances in my new online course filmed in partnership with Yoga Journal. This is the culmination of all my years of practice, knowledge, and passion poured into one place! My goal is to empower you with not only the physical tools to build strength, proper alignment and anatomy understanding, but also to provide you with the mental and emotional support that you need to break through barriers and find your wings and fly. Course includes grounding, confidence-building meditations, practical anatomy for inversions and arm balances, alignment do's and don'ts, pose tutorials (including static handstand, press handstand, headstand, forearm balance, scorpion, hollowback, crow & crane, flying pigeon, grasshopper, astavakrasana, eka pada koundinyasana I & II and more), strength-building drills, partner spotting tutorials to support your students or friends, and full length flow classes!