Liz Arch’s 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Program is a transformational experience designed to awaken the teacher within. In this comprehensive training, you will learn how to safely and effectively teach yoga to all levels of students, learn functional anatomy, deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, cultivate your individual creativity and voice, and be empowered with the tools and confidence to start a successful career as a yoga teacher.

This training has a strong emphasis on the technical foundations of yoga asana and will prepare you to begin teaching dynamic Vinyasa-style classes immediately. You will learn fundamental principles of movement in a hands-on, highly experiential classroom format. This in-depth training is open to aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, or serious yoga students who are interested in deepening their knowledge and practice.

MODULE 1: THE FOUNDATION Jan 15- 24, 2016 (100 hours)

In Part 1, we explore the historical roots of yoga and cultivate beginner’s mind to lay the foundations for success. You will learn the fundamental keys of alignment and become fluent in the language of the body. You will learn how to deconstruct poses and build each asana from the ground up. You will deepen your knowledge of anatomy, learn anatomical terms, planes of the body, directions of movement, and learn how to work with injuries to keep your students safe. Each day will include a Vinyasa practice, asana clinics, pranayama, meditation and more.


  • Principles of Alignment
  • Benefits & Contraindications for foundational yoga postures
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Anatomical Terms, Directions of Movement & Planes of Movement
  • Sanskrit Names of Postures
  • The History of Yoga & Yoga Philosophy
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Working with Injuries

MODULE 1 SAMPLE SCHEDULE:  Jan 15-24, 2016*

Fri, 1/15/16: 9am-6pm

Sat, 1/16/16: 12pm-7pm

Sun, 1/17/16: 9am-6pm

Mon, 1/18/16: 12pm-8pm

Tu, 1/19/16: 10am-6pm

Wed, 1/20/16: 12pm-8pm

Th, 1/21/16: 10am-6pm

Fri, 1/22/16: 9am-6pm

Sat, 1/23/16: 12pm-6pm

Sun, 1/24/16: 9am-6pm

*Days and Times are subject to change.


  • $1425 Early Bird Price (before Dec 15, 2015)
  • $1625 Regular Price (after Dec 15, 2015)
  • Deposit $500 (non refundable/non transferable)


  • Cost of Program
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual


  • Required Books (booklist will be provided upon registration)

MODULE 2: THE TEACHER WITHIN Feb 19-28, 2016 (100 hours)

In Part 2, we put our knowledge into action, completing the transformation from student to teacher. You will learn how to safely and intelligently sequence classes for all levels of students, gain confidence through practice teaching, and be empowered to find your unique voice. We dive deeper into the subtle body, exploring the Chakra system, chi, prana and energetic anatomy, learn how to teach to special populations, and create a roadmap for success by giving you the practical business tools to build a successful career as a yoga teacher.


  • The Art of Sequencing
  • Introduction to Primal Yoga® (fundamentals of tai chi, qi gong and creative flow)
  • Intro to the Subtle Body (chakras, nadis and energetic anatomy)
  • Teaching yoga for pregnant women
  • Marketing & The Business of Yoga
  • Ethical Guidelines for Teaching
  • Confidence through practice teaching
  • Finding your voice & cultivating the teacher within

MODULE 2 SAMPLE SCHEDULE: Feb 19-28, 2016*

Fri, 2/19/16: 9am-6pm

Sat, 2/120/16: 12pm-7pm

Sun, 2/21/16: 9am-6pm

Mon, 2/22/16: 12pm-8pm

Tu, 2/23/16: 10am-6pm

Wed, 2/24/16: 12pm-8pm

Th, 2/25/16: 10am-6pm

Fri, 2/26/16: 9am-6pm

Sat, 2/27/16: 12pm-6pm

Sun, 2/28/16: 9am-6pm

*Days and Times are subject to change.


  • $1425 Early Bird Price (before Jan 19, 2016)
  • $1625 Regular Price (after Jan 19, 2016)
  • Deposit $500 (non refundable/non transferable)


We carefully select our trainees to make sure they are prepared for our curriculum.  We suggest a minimum of one year of a consistent Vinyasa practice and a current 3-day/week yoga practice to apply.  Please download and email completed applications to



  • Attend all scheduled TT sessions for Module 1 & Module 2
  • Complete all in-class assignments, homework and reading assignments
  • Attend 3 yoga classes per week on your own in the interim between Module 1 & Module 2
  • Pass a written final exam and in-class teaching exam where you must demonstrate thorough comprehension of the material covered in the training


Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be certified at the 200-Hour level by Liz Arch to teach Vinyasa Yoga. Please note this is NOT a Certified Primal Yoga® Teacher Training Program. While we will introduce foundational principles of Primal Yoga® in this training, graduates will not be certified to teach Primal Yoga® classes or use the trademarked Primal Yoga® logo or name.  Those interested in teaching Certified Primal Yoga® classes in the future, may use this 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training as the first step toward becoming a fully Certified Primal Yoga® Teacher.

Liz Arch holds separate Certified Primal Yoga® Teacher Training programs throughout the year.  A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate is a pre-requisite for all teachers interested in participating in the Certified Primal Yoga® Teacher Training Course, so enrollment in the 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training is an excellent head start.



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West Los Angeles, CA 90025

If you are traveling from out of town, email for studio directions and a list of nearby hotels.



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