The Pain Whisperer

The Pain Whisperer

I speak to my pain.  I’ve been whispering to it gently and asking it to name itself.  I pulled a muscle between my shoulder blades the other day during jiu-jitsu and my back has been tender ever since.  I could easily blame it on a poorly executed technique or not warming up properly, but I know these days my pain is deeper than what appears on the surface.

I keep a copy of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body in my nightstand. It’s an insightful little handbook of emotional causes for physical ailments with affirmations to help overcome them. I flip it open and there it is. Upper back = Lack of emotional support. Feeling unloved.

I softly ask my pain, “Is this what you’re trying to tell me?”  “Yes,” it whispers back. It tells me that the world is unsafe and that I can’t trust who really has my back.  Soft tears roll down my cheeks. I thank my pain for communicating so clearly.  I know there is some truth there, so I sit with the sadness and reflect on the relationships that no longer serve me.  It is time to let go of certain partnerships and people. Letting go comes with fear, but it also comes with freedom. It creates new space.  And I know this space will be filled with people who lift me up, not people who tear me down. In this new space, the world is safe and I am supported. In this new space, I am empowered with self-love and I have a community of support.  I thank my pain for trying to protect me and tenderly let it know that its job is done.  “You can leave now,” I speak softly, “I am supported and all is well.”

Is your back speaking to you? Speak back to your pain with these healing affirmations from Louise Hay:

Lower Back = Fear of money. Lack of financial support

Affirmation: I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.


Mid Back = Guilt. Stuck in all that stuff back there. “Get off my back.

Affirmation: I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.


Upper Back = Lack of emotional support. Feeling unloved. Holding back love.

Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. Life supports me and loves me.