Rachel Brathen


Liz is one of the strongest people I've ever known. Her ability to rise from hardship and to use pain as a catalyst for transformation is something you don't see every day. She continues to inspire me in so many ways. I have no doubt in my mind that she was put on this earth to help women heal and empower themselves through her artful combination of movement, meditation, and heart-oriented teachings. I hope her voice will continue to be heard and that Rise will allow it to grow even louder."

Tony Kanal


"I couldn't think of a better person to introduce me to the world of yoga than Liz. It's one thing to learn from an instructor, but to learn from someone who teaches from their heart is always a far more powerful experience. Liz's masterful teaching, which perfectly balances focus on both the body and the mind, made me a yoga convert for life."

Elise Museles


Liz is one of the most authentic and inspiring women I have ever known. She shares from the heart with such vulnerability that you can't help but automatically feel a deep and meaningful connection to her. While there are lots of thought leaders offering their wisdom, Liz stands out from the crowd by showing us how to heal rather than just telling us what to do. Her grace and sensitivity are inviting as is the beautiful way that she treats her body with the utmost respect. From Liz's yoga inspiration to the clean and fresh food that she shares, it becomes evident that the road to healing is paved with love and kindness for yourself."

Tracy Seng


“Liz is a highly-talented, compassionate, skilled, and creative teacher. With each hour during the training, those qualities glowed more and more and I gained a deeper understanding of what ‘yoga’ really is. I have learned that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. It’s a personal endeavor that helps strengthen character and sew together one’s mind, physical body, and heart. As a result of this adventure with Liz, I am teaching corporate classes, meditating daily, and feeling much more confident about my own practice on the mat. I highly recommend Liz’s teacher training to anyone who is interested in teaching, or simply learning the true meaning of yoga. Plus you will find yourself becoming more skilled than ever before in physical strength and asana postures. On and off the mat, the education that I have learned will be with me for a lifetime. Thank you Liz Arch, you are true love and light.” 

Kate Berlin


Liz Arch is amazing, her heart is pure of wisdom and gold. She has endured so much and has come out on the other end because she has such a deep understanding of trauma and the work needed to move through it. We are honored to have her at Purple Dot Yoga Project as our West Coast Director. Her insight is so valuable and brings so much depth and value to what we do and how we do it. From personal experience, she is a gem. Everyone should get to know trauma through the explanation of Liz and her work."

Dezyrelle Arcieri


As a psychotherapist I know all too well the prevalence of trauma and stress in our lives. Whether it is the complex trauma of emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect; or the commonplace stressors of daily life, such as interpersonal conflict, burnout, traffic, or finances, we are all impacted by trauma and stress in one way or another. We need and require deep healing and a return to the body and self through trauma-informed therapies and yoga, which is rapidly becoming an effective adjunct to traditional therapeutic treatment. Due to the prevalence and frequency in which psychotherapists or yoga instructors come in contact with one who has experienced trauma, there is a clear need for trauma-informed yoga, which should be used as a best practice for anyone working in these fields. Liz Arch's knowledge of the body, containment of safety through alignment and attention to interception, and dynamic sequencing is an authoritative guide to the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga. Her invitational language, courage to share vulnerability, and ability to attend the needs of her students allows Liz to guide her students through healing and transformation." 

Dr. Raul Ramirez


As a primary care physician, I trust Liz with aiding in the rehabilitation of many of my patients. Her programs are safe, effective, fun and inspiring at the same time!"



“The first day of class I had no idea what to expect. I was excited. I was nervous. I had my mat, my new yoga study books and a sacked lunch. I was the 43-year-old student again ready for my first day of class. Well, my first day of class was MAGIC. Liz created such an inviting space for all of us where we immediately felt comfortable and at home. What a wonderful feeling because I knew this space would be like a second home for all of us for the next 10 weeks. I am here to say that after 10 weeks of YTT training with Liz, I am more confident, I am more balanced and I definitely am a better version of me on and off my yoga mat. When we shared our intentions for taking YTT my initial reason was only to deepen my personal practice. After 10 weeks I realize I’ve been transformed into someone I really love. Sweet Liz, thank you for sharing your time, your practice and your deep love for yoga. You have touched my heart in so many ways and I am so deeply grateful for this journey.”



“Initially I intended to sign up with a different YTT program but was still not convinced I was choosing something that fit. I reviewed other programs and none spoke to me, but when I stumbled upon Liz’s website I was sold. Liz’s knowledge from years of experience is all encompassing, technical, professional, but more importantly from the heart. Liz embodies yoga. On the first day of class I knew she was there to meet me in my new path. I go confidently now on this journey. She prepared me well with a dose of knowledge, magical courage and faith.”

Orlee Klempner

Yoga, Barre, & Pole Fitness Instructor (Los Angeles, CA)

“Liz Arch is one of the most inspirational women I have ever known. Her kind and gentle beauty is just an insight to her inside. Taking her YTT, I have been transformed as a human being and as a yogi. She sets up the space as a safe haven for her students to shed the layers as they learn the special gifts of yoga while still allowing the space to be inviting to others, such as guest speakers and visitors. There is never a dull moment and you are always in for a treat. There is not one day that goes by that you are not looking forward to walking through those doors. She empowers you to be a teacher and a guide to others to bring them the special gifts of yoga.”



“Liz Arch is a very influential teacher and a wonderful mentor who compassionately evokes self-inquiry and transformation. Liz’s friendship and mentorship helped to shape my yoga teaching path & karmic service.”